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I was given a camera by my father at a young age. And for years to come, me and my camera would have an on and off relationship. I liked taking pictures but could not decide on my subjects. And once I was told times were rough on photographers and I would not be able to make a living as one, I tought that was the end of it.
But making money had nothing to do with this fascination for photography I had. And so I kept coming back to my old friend, my camera, feeling our relationship wasn't over yet. I could not figure out though what exactly it was that would make us get to a higher level. So we made a deal. We would spend more time together and try all kinds of specializations.


This search brought me to asking myself some life questions.
What am I about? What makes me tick... What is it that I am passionate about?
And I remembered the summer holidays on our family's farm and how I just loved being outdoors and around animals. The fascination I have about my cats' behaviour. The numerous documentaries and films about Africa and its wildlife I have seen even as a child. I always knew one day I would visit Africa...
and that time had arrived.

So a couple of years ago I found myself volunteering at a cheetah conservation and rehabilitation project in South Africa. And Camera went along with me.

In between the daily chores I had the opportunity to take pictures of the cheetahs. And as I was laying down, my belly touching the warm red soil, breading in the outdoors, exploring these wonderful creatures through my camera... it hit me! "This is it. I want to do this for the rest of my live!"

That moment was just a few seconds before someone took this picture of me. That was the moment that has lead me to starting up pifotto.


pifotto is about visualy bringing nature and animals into our lives again. Appreciating their presence and acknowledging their identity.
Raising awareness of the mass extinction our wildlife is facing and the abuse many animals are enduring.

It is time for us humans to stand up for the preservation of our nature heritage and to act accordingly. 
Giving back their habitat and the right to live a wonderful wild life.
This is why Camera and me were meant to be. This is what I am passionate about!